Monday, 28 March 2016

New posts soon.....

Life has been busy busy of late, i said it twice for emphasis, wife the wife now back to work we are both having to share chores and kid responsibilities which can be a juggle.......worry not though as S has continued being the type of wife i am very proud of and i bet a lot would want as theirs....

Some homework for you though, a simple cooking recipe if you like

Take an S (wife) add one overnight work trip to mainland Europe, sprinkle a pinch anonymity (having a hotel room in an area nobody knows her) and season with 3 refugees she meets on her way to a meeting.....end result? Find out soon, it is the naughtiest post to date though if i type it up correctly


Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Right this is a post that should of been done a while ago as it would save typing it out on my phone all the time when/if someone asks me, Last night S grabbed a pen and pad to write down some questions she gets asked as well as her answers, people would like to know more about her so we hope this helps address that

Name, S, Not first initial of real name but S will do fine

Age. 40 (41 in May hint hint )

Job. Secretarial/personal assistant

Martial status. Happily married 22 years now and yes we married young

Kids. Why does someone i met from a hookup site or a swinging site want to know or expect an answer?

Measurements are Bust (Cup Size) / Waist / Hips: 34C-24-33, although i find it strange guys ask measurements when most just look at bra size lol I am also 5 feet 9 inches tall with long brunette hair which is my natural colour but not my natural shade, green eyes and all my teeth are my own (Never go on a date with a dentist, seriously)

Sexual preference, prominently straight but certain women can appeal, no reason as to why as i lack a type but its safe to say some women have peaked my interest. If that question is in fact...

Ideal type of man. Then the answer if obviously different, I am not ashamed to admit a strong preference for none white men, growing up in a primarily white area it adds a sense of naughtiness to things for me but saying that white men are great too and mainly play with them, or at the very least that is how it seems to me anyway. I tend to go from one extreme to the other, at one moment my desire for slightly shy socially awkward young men will be at the forefront of my mind and then like a flipped switch ill unknowingly seek out dominant or assertive men,  i'm lucky i get the freedom to do this

Favorite sexual activity, fully dependent on my mood at the time but a few of my favs
  • I am a self confessed size queen who can swoon at a larger then necessary gentleman
  • Public exposition, showing off a little flesh or teasing random guys while out and about 
  • Teasing my hubby, i feel somewhat proud when i get him to the point hes like a rampant teen all over again (I enjoyed typing that part out, C)
  • Last of my ultra favorite things is something alot see as taboo still but i do adore anal sex, the fantastic mix of pleasure and pain is mind blowing when experienced with the right partner
Do i use and or own sex toys. I think i speak for everyone woman world wide in saying yes and yes

Favorite toy. I own a black 4 inch long jello like buttplug which is just too thick to get my finger and thumb around, i have gone out with the toy inside me but it has a vibrating button which will instantly throw me to the knees in pleasure so obviously i take the batteries out beforehand ;)

Least favorite toy. Do flavored condoms count? I cant understand why they are a thing but i do like flavored lube so maybe its me missing the point, if they do not count then anything elctro shock related, i know its a big turn on for people but is a huge no no from myself thank you

Fantasy yet to live out. oooh good one and that has to be a gloryhole, the idea of performing oral on guys with nothing in return just gets my buttons pressed, as i am sure you have figured out form the man C has named "Jon"

Are you a hotwife. Me and C obviously talk alot about this cuckolding lifestyle and im not sure, from what i have read on blogs and guides online i am a hotwife yes in the fact i sleep with men outside my marriage but i prefer the term slutwife
Being a hotwife you actively cuckold your husband which is fine yes but i do not see C as a cuckold, i see him as a strong and loving husband who is secure enough to give me the freedom and encouragement to experiment and have fun, the fact he doesn't ask anything in return makes me feel powerful yes, not in a dominant way no but more of a loved way
I know C has posted about us meeting the lovely couple Angela and Richard who are more so the stereotypical cuckold couple especially compared to us, they have denial play, chastity play and Richard even is made to do chores. That works for them which is fantastic but i cant see it working for us to which i am more then okay with
So short answer is we are a cuckolding couple without the assumed role of dominant wife and submissive husband and lacking chastity or denial

Anything else just ask either myself or C and we might do a part two to this or just add on to this post

C, typed up by me but written by S

Friday, 22 January 2016

21st of January with Jon...

Thought i would type up a quick little report on S's adventure last night with Jon her oral only fuck buddy if that is in fact a thing?
My loving wife was in a bit of a mood yesterday through a mix of having a long day with certain errands to run plus one of our kiddies being home from school as they were not well, Jon started his usual campaign of arousal like clockwork, the morning of there meet (yesterday) he started sending messages bordering between flirty and risky just as S likes while also pushing her buttons but although she was polite enough to reply stating she wasn't in the mood and was too busy to play games before there meet
Unfortunately Jon either didn't take the hint or failed to notice her on several occasions stating she was too busy to play there usual type of foreplay

Well i wont say what Jon said as its a tad personal to S but i am guessing its safe to say there oral only arrangement has at this moment been cancelled by her much to his annoyance judging by his messages which went from risky/flirty to almost threatening/abusive

Only thing i can add to this for you all is while discussing this i asked if she will miss her weekly moment of "whoreyness" as she says to which i got

"Oh no, where will i ever find a hung man up for no strings attached weekly oral.........."

"Ill assume that's rhetorical shall i?"

All i got was a scowl lol

C, hubby of a rather miffed hotwife